In the world of decentralised finance, governance is a key issue. To ensure that Bathtub remains a truly decentralised protocol, the project is governed by a DAO. The DAO will have the power to make important decisions about the protocol's future, including which new farms are added or removed from Bathtub.

In addition to its role in deciding which new farms to add to the platform, the DAO will also be able to vote on new implementations for the protocol. This means that the community will have a say in how the protocol evolves over time.

The DAO will also be responsible for deciding how treasury funds should be used. This is an important role, as the funds in the treasury are used to support the growth and development of the protocol. By giving the community a say in how these funds are used, Bathtub ensures that it remains true to its decentralised mission.

One of the unique features of Bathtub's governance model is that users will be able to vote with their BATH tokens, even if they are being farmed in the project's contracts. This means that every token holder has a say in the protocol's future, regardless of how they are using their tokens.

Overall, the DAO plays a crucial role in Bathtub's governance model. By giving the community a voice in how the protocol is run, Bathtub ensures that it remains true to its decentralised roots and continues to provide value to its users over the long term.

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