DAO's Treasury

DAO Treasury: Managing Deposit Fees from LP Farms

Deposit fees collected from LP farms within the Bathtub ecosystem are directed to the DAO treasury. These fees are then strategically invested in various DeFi platforms to generate yield, creating a consistent revenue stream for the ecosystem.

BATH Holders and Stakers: Voting on Revenue Investment

BATH holders and stakers play a crucial role in the governance of the Bathtub ecosystem. They have the ability to vote on which farms the DAO treasury should invest in to maximize revenue generation. This democratic approach ensures that decisions about the ecosystem's growth are made collectively, increasing the likelihood of making profitable and sustainable choices.

Revenue Distribution: Real Yield for BATH Stakers

The revenue generated by the DAO treasury through strategic investments is used to provide BATH stakers with Real Yield. This approach benefits BATH stakers by offering them an additional source of income, incentivizing them to continue providing liquidity to the BATH pool and actively participate in the Bathtub ecosystem.

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