Bathtub protocol will have 3 stages, with each stage design to fill our proverbial Bathtub with liquidity, which be used to provide Real Yield Value to our users.

Stage 1: Genesis will be used to provide a base of liquidity for the platform and emit the first portion of Bathtub tokens which will used in Stage 2. Stage 2: BATH Emissions will be used to accumulate defi bluechips which will be used to provision Bathtub with Real Yield assets.

Stage 3: Emissions end. In addition to rewarding users with the Real Yield generated by our treasury, Bathtub will seek to utilize it's development fund to create an auto-compounder and other utilities, the revenue of which will be used to further reward participants. We will also seek to create DEX partnerships, so that our BATH LP can be staked on external platforms to be rewarded with their tokens.

Further down the line

  • Firebird API for swaps within the app (more revenue for the protocol)

  • Participate on veDEXes with BATH LPs in order to create another revenue stream for Bathtub

  • Launching of DAO NFT for DAO participation and branding

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