Bathtub 2.0


Welcome to the Bathtub!
Bathtub is a protocol designed to provide a sustainable growth environment to its users. The protocol achieves this by incorporating a number of features that ensure long-term value creation for its token holders. One of the key features of Bathtub is its use of Arbitrum's bluechip LPs and payment of real yield to it's users.
Bluechip LP pairs are used to provide liquidity to the protocol and the Arbitrum ecosystem as a whole, with the aim of making it easier for users to trade the Bathtub token and other bluechips. These token pairs are designed to provide a balanced supply of liquidity to the protocol, ensuring that there is always enough liquidity available to facilitate trades.
In addition to this, Bathtub also incorporates deflationary token mechanics into its protocol. Deflationary token mechanics are designed to reduce the supply of tokens over time, thereby increasing BATH's value. This is achieved by the treasury accumulating BATH over time and periodically doing token burns. By reducing the supply of tokens, Bathtub ensures that its token holders benefit from an increase in the value of their tokens over time.
Another key aspect of Bathtub's sustainable growth approach is its focus on accumulating assets that will bring long-term value to its token holders. This approach is designed to provide a more stable and sustainable growth trajectory for the protocol, as compared to other protocols that focus solely on short-term gains. BATH will be backed by the value of it's treasury this will happen with buybacks and token burns.
Bathtub's approach to sustainable growth is not only beneficial to its token holders but also to the wider Arbitrum community as it incentivises the LP farming of the wider ecosystem. By prioritising long-term value creation over short-term gains, Bathtub sets a standard for other protocols to follow.

Why "Bathtub"?

We provide liquidity, bathtubs are full of liquid. Baths are relaxing.
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